Portable oxygen concentrators for sale

Portable Oxygen Concentrators allow you to travel while still being able to access Medical Oxygen. Limitless Health stocks a range of quality, affordable,  portable Oxygen Machines for sale. Shop brands such as the Belluscura X-PLOR or Inogen and find a portable Supplemental Oxygen Therapy product that suits your lifestyle.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators For Sale

Few things are more important to human health than a constant supply of oxygen. All of our cells and organs depend on this unseen energy to function properly. Unfortunately, some people have to deal with health issues that prevent them from getting enough oxygen, putting their health and quality of life at risk.

In such critical situations, a portable oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen machine can be a lifesaver and a game-changer. This cutting-edge piece of equipment is a literal lifeline for people whose bodies require a steady supply of oxygen. It helps people take back control of their life by efficiently extracting and delivering pure oxygen, easing the strain of breathlessness and restoring vigour.

Since home oxygen is often inadequate, we at Limitless Health are committed to provide high-quality care at affordable prices. Oxygen machines and oxygen concentrators are only two examples of the oxygen equipment we offer available for sale or rental. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, patients may rest assured that they will always have access to medical oxygen and prompt assistance. When it comes to oxygen-related health issues, you can trust the experts at Limitless Health.

What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is a tool for administering oxygen treatment to patients who need higher concentrations of the gas than are found in the surrounding air. It’s like a home oxygen concentrator, but more portable and compact.

The oxygen concentrator can be used conveniently by connecting it to a wall outlet or a portable battery. If the battery dies, simply charge it. There are also a variety of adapters available that will allow you to use the POC devices while in a moving plane, train or automobile.

People with breathing difficulties or diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the most common users of oxygen concentrators. Bronchitis and emphysema fall under the general category of COPD. An oxygen generator makes a concentrated supply of oxygen so an individual can breathe.

Depending on the manufacturer and type, portable oxygen concentrators can be found in a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles. In most cases, their maximum height is just above the knee, and their design is square or rectangular.

POCs are simple to use thanks to their intuitive designs. Intake filters are a standard feature on all machines; when they become clogged, simply remove them, wash them thoroughly, and reconnect them. Rechargeable batteries are a standard feature on portable medical devices, allowing you maximum portability when you’re on the go.

Oxygen concentrators that can be carried around do not need to be refilled. They’re able to provide a steady flow of pure oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to that, they are able to supply oxygen at a rate of between 5 and 10 litres per minute (LPM).

Types of Oxygen Delivery for Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Continuous Flow

Whether the user is breathing in or out, the oxygen flow is always steady with Continuous Flow. Because of the bigger components needed for continuous flow, portable oxygen concentrators often weigh more than 4.5 kilogrammes. Continuous mode is not included in every portable oxygen concentrator.

Pulse Dose Mode

When in Pulse Dose Mode, oxygen is only given when the patient breathes in. Stopping during exhale minimises the workload on the machine and the amount of power it needs to operate. Compact and lightweight, these oxygen concentrators weigh only about 2,7 kilogrammes. Any pulse dosing instructions should be included in your prescription.

How Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Work?

By filtering out the nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases found in the air and other contaminants and dangerous agents, portable oxygen concentrators are able to provide oxygen purity levels of at least 90% to 98%.

Those in need, especially those with low blood oxygen levels, might benefit greatly from the oxygen-rich air that can be produced by such portable oxygen concentrator equipment.

POCs function by drawing air from the room’s environment. In one of the two internal sieve bed filters, nitrogen and other gas molecules in the air are absorbed before the air is compressed.

Upon reaching a concentration of 95%, the oxygen is then delivered to the user via a mask or nasal cannula. Concentrators can either provide a constant flow of oxygen or a pulse dose of oxygen to the patient.

Why You May Need a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

A portable oxygen concentrator’s key advantage is that it generates its own air, eliminating the need to constantly replace oxygen tanks. The requirement for oxygen is no longer a hindrance to daily activities, thanks to this enhanced portability.

They’re also simple to operate. The digital display and alarms found in most portable oxygen concentrators make the settings incredibly simple to navigate.The technology behind portable oxygen therapy has advanced to the point where it is now possible to use it around the clock, seven days a week.

Even in healthy individuals, oxygen saturation levels tend to decrease during sleeping. Sleep disturbances caused by transient nocturnal desaturation are a serious issue for those with chronic lung diseases like COPD. See your doctor about getting an overnight oximetry test if you have trouble sleeping. It’s possible that taking in extra oxygen as you sleep will help you obtain a better night’s sleep.

We Can Help

Having consistent access to oxygen is crucial in the quest for a longer, happier, and healthier life. So we at Limitless Health have come up with the best possible answer: our cutting-edge portable oxygen concentrators at affordable prices. Our state-of-the-art equipment and uncompromising dedication to your health open up new possibilities for those struggling with oxygen deprivation.

To choose Limitless Health is to select the best. Our portable oxygen concentrators have been meticulously constructed to reliably provide a high-quality oxygen supply, allowing you to fully participate in life. You won’t again have to worry about sacrificing your health for mobility again thanks to our compact and simple equipment.

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