8 Days Exchange and Refund Policy

We will refund or exchange faulty goods if you return them within 8 days of purchase, provided:

  • It is in its original packaging and condition, including all attachments, accessories and documentation;
  • It is unused

Goods that show a manufacturing defect within the first 6 months of purchase will be repaired, replaced or refunded at no cost to you. See Repairs and warranties

Defective or Damaged Goods

If your goods turn out to be defective, Medical Equipment Supplier will repair them, replace them or give you a refund.

The courier service will be charged at the going rate for your area and Product specifications. Please note that a technical assessment will take place to determine whether goods have been damaged or what the cause of a failure or defect may be. This is important as it determines whether the goods may be repaired, replaced or refunded.

If your goods show a defect after the initial 6 month period, but still within the manufacturer’s warranty period, the Medical equipment supplier will send the goods to the manufacturer for repair and the manufacturer will decide whether you have a valid claim and if so, whether they will repair or replace. If the goods become defective once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we can arrange with the manufacturer or its agents to repair them. No repairs will be done without you approving a quotation first.

Should an item be damaged or defective, please contact our Online Customer Support Centre on 011 028 1122 or email info@limitless immediately to arrange for the earliest convenient collection date. Please make a note on the delivery waybill of damages as well. Once returned to the store, the Product will undergo an assessment following which a decision be made on the replacement of the item.


Once we have assessed a returned item and approved a refund, you will receive your money back in the same manner in which you purchased it from us originally

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