Medical oxygen machines and respiratory supplies.

Our mission is to set standards of excellence for providing respiratory care to patients in the home at affordable prices.

Medical oxygen machines and respiratory supplies.

Our mission is to set standards of excellence for providing respiratory care to patients in the home at affordable prices.


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Limitless Health provides a rental option for Medical Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders and Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Excellent And Affordable Provider Of Respiratory Care And Medical Oxygen Supplies To Patients In Their Own Home

About Limitless Health’s Medical oxygen & respiratory supplies


About Limitless Health’s Medical oxygen & respiratory supplies

Above all, Limitless Health is a young, energetic company that focuses on Medical oxygen and respiratory supplies. Our mission is to set standards of excellence while providing respiratory care to patients in the home at affordable prices. In addition, we specialise in Medical Oxygen Concentrators of all sizes and Oxygen Cylinders to suit every patient’s need.

In conclusion, Limitless Health is a company characterized by responsiveness and clinical excellence and has been founded on our dedication and quality care. Patients trust Limitless Health to provide the quality care they expect and furthermore deserve. By providing services as though each patient were a member of our family, Limitless Health strives to be the preferred provider of home Medical oxygen machines, equipment and services. We provide affordable medical oxygen rentals, as well as home oxygen machines and portable oxygen machines.

What Our Clients Say

Brenda Botha
Brenda Botha
Fantastic services, and delivery the same or next day. Thanks
Sandra O'Gorman
Sandra O'Gorman
Absolutely amaxing service and management.
Lezahn Grant
Lezahn Grant
The equipment is of a high quality and the service is top notch. We were helped with a smile on a Sunday, no questions asked. Thank you very much!
Alida Tamsen
Alida Tamsen
Out of many companies contacted, Limitless Health replied to our communication immediately on a Sunday evening, arranged an excellent mobile oxygen concentrator, with everything required to charge it in a vehicle’s cigarette lighter - as we were due for a holiday off grid. The battery was in excellent condition and lasted almost 6 hours every night. During the day it charged as we used it plugged in in a game viewing vehicle. All this did not break the bank and we honestly could not be happier with the service and product of Liam and Limitless Health.
Sylvia Raminhos
Sylvia Raminhos
Thank you! Limitless Health, for being patient with our instalments. Polite and very friendly, going the extra mile for your clients. Wishing you the best for the future
Bevleigh Lange
Bevleigh Lange
I have had the VERY BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE from Limitless Oxygen. Have been helping an employee of my Mother's whom I've known for over 40 years. The efficiency, kindness and care shown by Neil, Liam and Penny is remarkable in this day and age. I highly recommend Limitless Oxygen- they have truly saved me from having huge stress. Your rates are very fair and I commend you for all that you do in helping us who need you so much. Thankyou
Francisco mark Habib
Francisco mark Habib
Great service for our portable machine
Blacksheep Kili
Blacksheep Kili
Very professional and friendly dealing with that company. Order was delivered in 24h!
Frederik Scholtz
Frederik Scholtz
Excellent service! Liam at Limitless Health offered to help with a repair (even on a public holiday!). Thank you for the exceptional service and compassion. Much appreciated.

Did you know? You can claim through your medical aid using our practise number.

Among the Leading Medical Oxygen Suppliers in South Africa

It took a pandemic to create global awareness of how crucial oxygen is, especially when you battle to breathe. Having access to an oxygen tank has been the deciding factor in survival for countless patients in hospitals around the country during Covid-19.

However, oxygen has always been crucial to survival, and hospitals and other medical centres often administer it to patients as a preventative measure against respiratory illness.

While the air we breathe contains oxygen, medical applications often require pure oxygen, such as when high-flow nasal oxygen or mechanical ventilation is used. This necessitates oxygen that is technically compliant with the SANS532 standard, meaning it is at least 95% pure.

At Limitless Health, our goal is to be the premier provider of in-home respiratory care while maintaining the lowest possible rates. As medical oxygen suppliers, we have a wide variety of medical oxygen supplies, including several oxygen cylinder sizes and medical oxygen concentrators to meet the needs of any patient.Our medical oxygen is of the highest quality and reliability, and our service to the Gauteng area is second to none. We go out of our way to ensure that every customer has a positive experience because we think it’s important for people to know that they can still enjoy life to the fullest despite facing health issues.

You should accept nothing but the best when it comes to your health. At Limitless Health, our number one concern is the health and happiness of our clients. Our medical oxygen has been carefully produced and meticulously sourced in accordance with the strictest of industry standards to guarantee its purity and efficacy in meeting your respiratory requirements.

Our dedication to complete client satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competitors. We are aware of the need of promptness and dependability in the delivery of medical oxygen, especially in life-threatening situations. In order to guarantee that our customers in Gauteng receive their oxygen promptly, we have set up a streamlined distribution network. Our hardworking staff will go above and beyond to fulfil your needs, and we are always just a phone call away to answer any questions or address any problems.

We at Limitless Health are more than simply an oxygen provider; we’re invested in seeing you succeed in your health goals. Our staff stays current on industry developments to provide you with the most innovative respiratory care options available.

What is Medical Oxygen?

Air is made up of a variety of gases, including nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%), argon (0.9%), and other gases (0.1%). The oxygen used in hospitals and other medical facilities is purer and more concentrated. Simply put, if you take the nitrogen out of the air, you’re left with pure oxygen.

Medical oxygen cylinders, for instance, contain a very concentrated form of oxygen. The difference between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen is significant and must be understood.  Industrial oxygen contains contaminants that could make people sick, making it unfit for human consumption.

Medical oxygen is typically extracted from ambient air by fractional distillation, a procedure that separates air. This air is compressed to a pressure of 5-10 atmospheres, when its temperature drops to about -200 degrees. This causes the air, which is composed primarily of oxygen and nitrogen to become a liquid. One litre of liquid oxygen is equivalent to about 840 litres of gaseous oxygen, making it the most space-efficient form of oxygen storage.

Before oxygen can be used in a medical oxygen concentrator or an oxygen cylinder, it must go through a complex transformation from liquid to gas. In its original cryogenic storage tank, liquid oxygen is kept at a cold -183 degrees Celsius. When necessary, a predetermined amount of liquid oxygen is pulled from the storage tank and evaporated in a carefully monitored process. During this phase, the oxygen in the liquid state becomes gaseous by absorbing heat from its surroundings.

This transformation is analogous to a slow awakening, as the gas gradually emerges from the sleepy liquid state. The resulting gaseous oxygen is then routed through a complex network of valves and pipelines that have been specifically constructed for this purpose. The gas is filtered and regulated along the way to keep it pure and at the right pressure in accordance with safety regulations. When the gas has reached its destination, it is either concentrated for therapeutic use in a medical oxygen concentrator or stored in an oxygen cylinder until it is needed to give life-sustaining support.

Uses of Medical Oxygen

Medical oxygen is frequently utilised for the treatment of both long-term and urgent medical issues. The treatment can be administered in a hospital, a pre-hospital setting (like an ambulance), or at home to manage acute or chronic health issues. Several criteria, such as the patient’s individual demands and the opinion of the medical specialists involved, determine the mode of delivery and device utilised for providing the oxygen.

Many different methods exist for administering oxygen treatment. To aid in breathing and rest, many people use a nasal cannula, which consists of prongs inserted into the nose and a tube attached over the ear. Others wear a face mask over their nose and mouth.

In a chronic setting

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may use the therapy to provide them with long-term supplementary oxygen. One of the long-term repercussions of smoking is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which can necessitate the use of supplemental oxygen at times of deterioration or as a constant, round-the-clock aid.

Use in a critical care environment

In the event of a medical emergency, oxygen therapy is frequently utilised both in the hospital and by first responders in the ambulance. High flow oxygen therapy may be used in the prehospital context for resuscitation or in the event of allergy, significant trauma, a seizure, or hypothermia.

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