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Limitless Health provides a rental option for Medical Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders and Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Excellent And Affordable Provider Of Respiratory Care And Medical Oxygen Supplies To Patients In Their Own Home. We specialise in Medical Oxygen Cylinders of all sizes and Oxygen Concentrators to suit every patient’s need. You might be interested in our range of portable oxygen concentrators for sale and home oxygen concentrators for sale.

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Equipment Required

Home & Portable Oxygen Concentrators & Cylinders Rental

In today’s fast-paced environment, it is crucial that people with temporary or ongoing medical concerns have access to the appropriate medical equipment. However, it may be difficult and costly for many people to invest in a full set of medical equipment. Luckily, the option to rent necessary medical equipment is here view our range of oxygen concentrator rental or oxygen machine rental.

Patients using oxygen treatment can rely on the expert medical care provided by Limitless Health. Our in-home respiratory treatment and medical oxygen supplies are second to none and extremely cost-effective for our patients. We carry a wide variety of oxygen concentrators and medical-grade oxygen cylinders to meet the needs of any patient.

Portable and Non-Portable Oxygen Equipment

In the treatment of respiratory and other oxygen-related medical problems, both portable and stationary oxygen equipment play crucial roles. Portable oxygen equipment provides greater independence and movement, while stationary equipment provides a more consistent and reliable oxygen delivery.

The goal of portable oxygen equipment is to enable people to continue receiving adequate oxygen even when they are on the go, allowing them to go about their normal routines and stay physically active. This gear is meant to be carried around in a bag or backpack due to its small size and light weight. Oxygen cylinders and portable oxygen concentrators are two common types of portable oxygen equipment. Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are electrical devices that extract oxygen from the air and distribute it to the user via a nasal cannula or mask. They are battery-operated, and provide users with freedom of movement and choice of activities.

Compressed oxygen can be found in portable cylinders, which are often used as a secondary or emergency oxygen supply. They have a limited capacity and need to be refilled frequently, but they provide a reliable source of oxygen when there is no access to electricity or when POCs cannot be used.

Freestanding oxygen concentrators and other types of non-portable oxygen equipment are meant to be used in a permanent structure like a home or hospital. Unlike their portable equivalents, these machines can supply oxygen continuously and can handle greater oxygen needs. Long-term oxygen therapy typically involves the use of stationary oxygen concentrators, which are always plugged into an electrical outlet and running.

Why Rent Oxygen Machines?

The expense of medical devices can be prohibitive, especially for those on a limited budget or whose medical aid doesn’t cover them. For many people, renting equipment is the best choice. We offer patients home oxygen rental as well as portable oxygen rental.

You’re Paying For It Yourself

Medical equipment might cost thousands of Rands, but renting allows you to acquire what you need when you need it.

Limitless Health is committed to helping those who must pay for their healthcare products independently. Our medical equipment rental rates are among the most reasonable in the industry because we strive to provide unbeatable value without sacrificing quality of care.

It’s Not Clear What You Need

Renting allows you to effectively “test drive” a variety of assistive devices, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of what works, and what doesn’t, for your specific situation.

The availability of oxygen cylinders for rent is a critical service for people who suffer from breathing difficulties or are nursing wounds or recovering from surgery. Portable oxygen cylinders make it possible for patients to refill their tanks whenever they run low. Patients can avoid the hassle and expense of owning and maintaining an oxygen cylinder by renting one instead.

Short-Term or Long-Term

Acute respiratory illnesses are more severe than their chronic counterparts. Due to the irreversible and progressive nature of many chronic diseases, oxygen therapy is typically required on a long-term basis.

Investing in a permanent oxygen concentrator may be the best option in such circumstances. Instead of dealing with oxygen tanks or the constant management of rental units, purchasing your own can save you time, money, and stress.

However, renting an oxygen concentrator may be more practical if you need one for only a few weeks or months due to an illness that has temporarily compromised your breathing.


Having the assurance of knowing you own a machine can be comforting. But if the machine breaks down unexpectedly, you may have to wait a long time for repairs or replacements to be made. Until then, you can be in trouble if your oxygen supply runs out.

In contrast, if you were renting a concentrator and it broke down, technicians could replace it right away so there would be no interruption in service. If you’re going to invest in an oxygen concentrator, this is something to think about, as you’ll need to be confident in your ability to deal with any potential technical faults and maintenance concerns that may arise. When you rent, you may rest assured that the upkeep and repairs will be handled by someone else.

You are a Stranger in Town

Taking large medical equipment on a trip might be a major hassle. This is especially true for bulky products like oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders.

Renting medical equipment from a reliable local medical supply store is a simple and cost-effective option if you will be in the Gauteng area for a week or more. When you rent oxygen equipment, you won’t have to worry about your personal medical supplies getting lost or broken. Here at Limitless Health, we pride ourselves on the impeccable condition and cleanliness of our rental equipment. If you have any problems with an item that you rented from us, we will promptly replace it.

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When it comes to oxygen tank rental and oxygen cylinder rental, Limitless Health is your best bet for superior service and quality products. Our goal is to be the premier provider of in-home respiratory care while maintaining the lowest possible rates. Moreover, we are experts in providing patients with Oxygen Cylinders and Medical Oxygen Concentrators of varying sizes.

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