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Home Oxygen Concentrators allow you to access Medical Oxygen in the comfort of your own home. Limitless Health stocks a range of quality, affordable,  home Oxygen Machines for sale. We the best brands like Aerti, DeVilbiss, Oxyflo, Oxypure and more. Find a home based Supplementary Oxygen Therapy solution that suits you.

For a more Portable Oxygen Solution, we stock a wide range of Portable Oxygen Machines that can be transported easily, so you can have access to Medical Oxygen, wherever you are. View our full range of oxygen machines for sale. You might also be interested in our oxygen equipment rental options.

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Home Oxygen Machines For Sale

Could anything be more fundamental, yet frequently overlooked, than the air we breathe? Oxygen is plentiful, which is fortunate because we can’t survive without it. Being deprived of oxygen, even temporarily, can be fatal.

In order for cells and tissues to operate normally, the body need a sufficient supply of oxygen. Cells and tissues cannot save up or catch up on oxygen; rather, they require a steady supply. Oxygen supplementation is required when oxygen saturation goes below 89% or arterial oxygen pressure falls below 60 mmHg, regardless of whether the person is at rest, active, sleeping, or at high altitude.

We at Limitless Health know how important oxygen is to patients, especially at home, and we’re dedicated to providing effective treatments at reasonable prices. We have a variety of oxygen equipment for sale or rent to meet your needs, including home oxygen concentrators. Because of our experience and hard work, patients can have confidence in a constant flow of medical oxygen and get the help they need whenever they need it. You can rely on Limitless Health for oxygen solutions that put your health first.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

While powered, oxygen concentrators (also known as O2 concentrators, oxygen machines, and O2 concentrators) filter and concentrate ambient air into pure oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are medical devices used to provide oxygen to patients, most commonly individuals with conditions that result in or cause low blood oxygen levels. These devices require a doctor’s prescription. An oxygen concentrator can be rented given a prescription if buying one is out of the question.

Most people who need oxygen therapy at home use a stationary oxygen concentrator. If you require oxygen for the most of the day, including while sleeping, a stationary oxygen concentrator is a good investment. As a rule, these devices require a constant power source from an outlet to function properly.

Concentrators are different from oxygen tanks, which provide oxygen in the form of liquid or gas.  Electric or battery-operated oxygen concentrators draw air from the surrounding area to produce pure oxygen. After eliminating the nitrogen from the air, it separates the oxygen and compresses it. The air you’re breathing has been cleaned up to a high standard.

In order to prevent the oxygen concentrator from overheating, a cooling mechanism is built within the device, which draws in ambient air and then compresses it to a higher oxygen concentration. It uses filter and sieve beds to remove nitrogen and other pollutants from the air before delivering the oxygen through a nasal cannula or mask. Controls for the delivery system are managed via digital user interface.

How does the operation of an oxygen concentrator differ from that of alternative oxygen delivery methods? Compressed oxygen and oxygen tanks are not to be mistaken with oxygen concentrators, despite the fact that oxygen concentrators have a compressing element. When an oxygen tank is empty, it must be refilled or replaced since it contains a finite quantity of compressed oxygen that must be given to the user. Compressed oxygen tank users should always have extra tanks available in case they need to use oxygen while waiting for a refill.

On the other hand, an oxygen concentrator is a device that takes in ambient air, filters and compresses out any impurities, and then continually supplies the user with oxygen-rich air. Thus, an oxygen concentrator, though frequently labelled an oxygen generator, actually extracts oxygen from the air around you.

What does a Home Oxygen Concentrator Do?

Oxygen therapy supplements the oxygen your body receives from air you breathe. Consider it a supplement for your lungs.

Your body takes in oxygen through your respiratory system every time you inhale and exhale. About 20% of the air we breathe is oxygen and 80% is nitrogen. Oxygen is extracted by your lungs from this air. Your organs, tissues, and cells receive the oxygen they need through your blood arteries.

When you have breathing difficulties, not enough oxygen reaches your cells to maintain healthy body and organ function. Hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels) sets in. Long-term exposure to hypoxia can cause tissue death and organ failure. A lack of oxygen can be fatal.

People with certain chronic illnesses may require supplementary oxygen for the rest of their lives, while others may only need it temporarily while they recover from a more severe acute sickness. It’s important to listen to the advice of your doctor. You may require continuous oxygen therapy for several medical reasons. And maybe you only require the supplemental oxygen when you’re sleeping or working out.

Guidelines for Safe Oxygen Concentrator Use at Home

  • The concentrator is not compatible with an extension cord. Make sure to use a grounded outlet when connecting the concentrator.
  • Do not utilise a shared outlet with other devices.
  • Never set down anything, not even a drink, let alone a plant or a book, on the concentrator.
  • Concentrators should never be stored in a closet, against a wall or behind any sort of obstruction. The unit needs unrestricted access to the room’s air.
  • Regularly inspect the alarm system. To do this, simply unplug the device and wait for the alarm to sound.
  • The oxygen concentrator’s filter needs regular checking. If there are any issues with the concentrator, please contact us.


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The well-being and satisfaction of our customers is our first priority here at Limitless Health. To ensure its purity and efficacy in satisfying your respiratory needs, the oxygen machines we offer for sale have been created and sourced in compliance with the most stringent of industry standards.

What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction at affordable prices.  We understand the critical need of timely and dependable oxygen machine delivery in emergency scenarios. We have a streamlined distribution system in place in Gauteng to ensure that our customers always have access to oxygen when they need it.

We at Limitless Health care about more than just delivering oxygen, we care about you and your health. By keeping up with the latest innovations in the field, our team is able to offer you the most cutting-edge respiratory care services.

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