Ways To Increase Oxygen Concentrator Safety

Ways To Increase Oxygen Concentrator Safety

Oxygen concentrator devices have come a long way from their earlier counterparts. Models today are designed for convenience and versatility and easily fit into active lifestyles with no issues. But as devices get more compact, it is important to remember that they are still susceptible to becoming volatile.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain safety measures around oxygen concentrators. Not only can a proactive approach prevent accidents from happening, but it can also ensure that your costly device is secure with no damage to it.

It is always best to follow manufacturer recommendations, but sometimes we can get lost in the fine print and forget the importance of safety around our medical oxygen.

These helpful tips can guide you in making better decisions with your device.

Keep Away From Fires 

In social settings, we can often forget we have our oxygen concentrators strapped onto us, which usually leads to carelessness and poor safety protocols. But it is essential that you remember always to maintain a safe distance from open flames and fires to avoid a dangerous situation. This can include lighting candles, lazing around a bonfire or even unwinding with friends at a braai. It is easy to let our guard down as we get more comfortable, but unfortunately, there is no way to prevent accidents from happening if you come into close contact with fire.

Look Out For Water Exposure 

Even though these types of devices are more well-designed than in the past, they are still prone to failure when exposed to water. This can occur almost daily and it’s easy to let it slip your mind when repeating the same activities. Taking showers, standing near crashing ocean waves or even walking around a pool are all significant hazards. Not only can moisture cause internal damage and faults, but it can also cause harm to you.

If you have accidentally come into contact with water, it is best to call for professional help and follow their instructions. This may include switching off the device, drying it or waiting for further assistance. Either way, you should never ignore water or moisture around your oxygen concentrator.

Maintain Your Distance From Smokers 

Your medical practitioner will have stressed why you should not smoke while using an oxygen concentrator, but you may have forgotten that this measure includes keeping away from other smokers too. It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have with friends and family, but you will either need to leave their presence while they smoke or they need to do so in another area far from you. Despite it being awkward, it is important to remember that smoking poses a serious risk to you and your device.

Other tips such as proper storage and ensuring clear vents are vital too. All of which you should maintain on a daily basis. This short but comprehensive guide touches on some of the most crucial safety tips to keep in mind when using your oxygen concentrator device.

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