The Benefits Of Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

The Benefits Of Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

Supplemental oxygen therapy is critical for those who need it, particularly those with lung diseases and respiratory issues. Getting the proper amount of oxygen is incredibly important not only to keep a person alive but to ensure proper brain function and that the blood remains healthy.

These devices have become relatively inexpensive in recent years and are ideal for long-term supplemental oxygen therapy at home. They reduce the need for hospital visits and oxygen delivery through expensive compressed gas tanks. Oxygen concentrators use the air around the user to deliver a constant and stable oxygen supply.

Let us look at some benefits of receiving supplemental oxygen therapy through an oxygen concentrator. 

Improves Breathing 

Those with respiratory diseases and weaknesses can benefit greatly from receiving supplemental oxygen through an oxygen concentrator, as it helps the lungs absorb greater volumes of oxygen than would be possible by breathing normal air. It can also prevent hypoxemia, which occurs when there’s insufficient oxygen in the blood.

Supplemental oxygen can reduce shortness of breath, especially when used during physical activity. It’s even been suggested that supplemental oxygen therapy could be more effective than bronchodilator medications such as asthma pumps.

The ability to breathe more comfortably reduces the strain on the body and effectively reduces stress. Supplemental oxygen therapy can make a person feel safer and provide a sense of ease, knowing that there is a permanent and endless source of pure oxygen available when needed. The endless supply of pure oxygen also helps to increase energy and help patients achieve more and live a normal life since low oxygen in the blood can cause fatigue, drowsiness and an inability to concentrate.

Reduces Risk Of Complications

Low oxygen in the blood can lead to a variety of complications. Hypoxemia is very dangerous to a person’s health as it can negatively impact just about every organ and tissue in the body. Not only is hypoxemia detrimental to one’s lungs and respiratory system, but it can also place an inordinate amount of stress on your cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular stress can lead to high blood pressure and conditions such as pulmonary hypertension. Ultimately, low oxygen levels in the blood can translate into complete heart failure ‒ a heart attack ‒ which can be deadly. It can also cause disorders known as polycythaemia, also known as erythrocytosis, which is the creation of excess red blood cells to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

The increased stress of being unable to breathe and the anxiety caused by such a condition can also put immense strain on a person’s physical body.

Allows For Exercise 

Those who suffer from respiratory diseases might find it difficult to exercise because of the fatigue caused by hypoxemia. Those with chronic respiratory conditions would benefit from using supplemental oxygen therapy because it can help them breathe better when exercising and moving around. It can improve their exercise tolerance, which means that they will be able to do more before getting tired and thus improve their overall physical fitness and health.

Oxygen therapy can help reduce restrictive respiratory symptoms and minimise the discomfort felt when exercising, allowing a person to do more difficult exercises and push themselves a little further.

The overall improvement in health and fitness can lead to improvements in alertness and concentration capabilities owing to the increase in oxygen in the blood, which is fed to the brain. Conversely, low blood oxygen levels can lead to a person feeling unable to concentrate, which increases the likelihood of psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Cognitive impairment can be easy to miss, especially when it’s mild. However, a person who is suddenly more forgetful or impulsive or has difficulty concentrating might be a prime candidate for supplemental oxygen treatment. This treatment can help to arrest or at least slow cognitive decline.

At Limitless Health, we believe that being able to breathe properly is central to one’s overall health and well-being. To access our range of top-tier oxygen concentrators and associated equipment, visit our online store today!

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