Easy Living With Your Oxygen Concentrator

Easy Living With Your Oxygen Concentrator

It can be extremely frustrating to find out you require an oxygen concentrator device to maintain your health. We all have this perception that life can become extremely unbearable and uncomfortable as we trudge along with this huge device just to breathe. That can have a serious impact on our mental health and lead to deteriorating conditions.

Now you have to reimagine life, change the way you live and put others at ease when they see you breathing with the assistance of your newly fitted device. It can be a distressing and difficult situation to find your way through.

Here are some practical ways to assist you going forward to help you feel more at ease with your new oxygen concentrator at home.

Prepare Your Loved Ones 

As much as oxygen therapy is daunting for you, it can feel just as overwhelming for your friends and family. By talking them through the device, explaining its purpose and how to use it safely, you can help them come to terms with your condition too. It is also beneficial to do this so you can rely on them for support around the home and in social settings.

Ask For Help 

An oxygen concentrator can seem like a complicated device to set up and maintain. With time, you will find that this becomes less stressful. Consider asking a family member or friend to help you with maintenance, reminders and even calling your service provider for issues.

Knowing that you have someone else at home who understands your device and can assist if there’s a problem will make it an easier process overall.

Keep Power Outages In Mind 

An unfortunate reality in SA is that many of us have to deal with load-shedding and frequent power outages. This can have a serious impact on your oxygen concentrator and can leave you frantic when the lights go off. Depending on your make, your device may be unaffected, but if it is, you should have a backup plan to keep it running. Speaking to your provider can help you determine the best course of action.

Remember Safety Protocols 

In addition to informing your loved ones about your use of an oxygen concentrator, it can be helpful to ask them to remember the safety protocols around it. There may be times you have a lapse in judgement and it’s crucial that your family or friends can easily step in and remove you from a fire hazard. Stressing how dangerous certain situations can be for you and your device can go a long way in getting them on board.

While it can take some time to warm up to the idea of you using an oxygen concentrator, it can help to think of it as a way to improve your quality of life and even help you breathe a little easier.

Getting used to your new device should not be a struggle and we can assist. Contact Limitless Health to find the right fit for you and your health today.

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