Cube 25 ATV Non-invasive Ventilator


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The Cube 25 ATV is  an innovative, non-invasive volume-supporting ventilator.

Maximum Performance, minimum footprint
The NEW Cube 25 ATV is an innovative non-invasive volume supporting
ventilator. The Cube 25 ATV incorporates intuitive state of the art functionality
allowing safe and easy application of the device in a homecare or clinical
environment. With its unique trigger technology and target minute volume
algorithm, the CUBE 25 ATV will optimise therapy to meet individual patient



  • The device includes a large 4.3“ coloured screen display incorporating easy to use tile design menu screens for clear convenient user navigation.
  • High sensitive flow based trigger detection with trigger failure auto-detect function.
  • Contemporary volume assured pressure support which can be set based on breath-by-breath target volume or target minute volume.
  • Extensive device alarm management, including on screen display alarm protocol.
  • Swiss made turbine blower promising high quality performance for extended, reliable operation.
  • Two independent adjustable ventilation settings allowing patients to change therapy mode for daytime and night time use.
  • The Mask Check function ensures a correct ftting mask even before therapy starts. On screen values identify leakages in order for the mask to be adjusted and corrected.


Ventilation modes
PSV S / BiLevel S
PCV / BiLevel T
PSV / BiLevel ST
Pressure range
IPAP 5-25 / EPAP 3-20
cmH20 CPAP 3-20 cmH20
Pressure support
0-25 cmH20
Target Volume:
OFF, 200 – 2.000ml
Target Minute Volume:
OFF, 2.000 – 15.000ml
Respiratory rate
4-30 bpm
Inspiration time
0.3 – 5.0 seconds
Inspiration Trigger
Five Level settings
Expiration Trigger
Auto, Manual settings 70%-30%
Trigger Lock
0.3 – 8.0 seconds
11 System/Therapy alarms
Power supply
Internal Switch Mode
Power Supply
100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Size (W x H x D)
168 x 108 x 182mm
Weight 1,6 Kg